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Gagan Dhuan Dhuan (Opus 3) - An Introduction

Poster - Gagan Dhuan Dhuan

Releasing on the 11th of June

Gagan Dhuan Dhuan is an ode to the impressionist era. One fine day, Bombay Jayashri called me and explored the idea of working together on a song. I was thrilled; it was too good to be true but of course, I acted cool on the phone. I later composed Gagan and sent it to her.

For a while then, I had been wanting to do a song that was very twilight and nostalgic with the spirit of romantic era classical music. I got the opportunity to explore that in Gagan. Music needn’t be like a real-world meeting; music can be untamed in its expression & that’s exactly how I wanted Gagan to be.

This is a song custom made for the enchanting quality of Bombay Jayashri’s voice and range. It flows with her vocal from start to end sans any interludes or non-sequiturs. The song is an impression of a woman sitting by the window and singing to herself, all alone in her hill-top house. Her voice reflects her nostalgia, while the music feeds off the nature around her.

I'm thrilled to be releasing this on my Youtube Channel on the 11th of June. Do sign up for my email newsletters below (in the footer).

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Really excited for this one!!

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