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I am B Prasanna; I'm a Music Composer, Arranger, Producer & a Dreamer.

I think I am happiest when I can help replenish an ailing mind with hope. Despair is not a good thing and we should do all we can to ensure no one has it. I hope I can put my talents to good use & my music (which is my best resource at the moment) can at least end some of the misery in this world.

Musically - I'm as much into Mr Bill as I am into Debussy. The picture above is a good representation of my workflow. I am the guy who writes a musical counterpoint on MIDI. I can't NOT think about the reverb-time while deciding on the harmonic rhythm. I'm an equal sucker for both - the analog "blur" and the digital precision. I guess my music is churned by the constant tug of war between my love for the old and my excitement for the new.

Geeky stuff aside, I just LOVE to compose music. It's my passion. To reference 'Annie Hall', I don't just love it. I LURVE composing. In fact, I LUFF it. I am grateful that I chose to do this in my life. Somehow thus far, I have managed to sustain the intensity of my creative exploration through the vagaries of my life. I have a lot to express and the adventure is to find befitting modes and channels to do so.

I draw musical inspiration from several composers including Claude Debussy, Michael Jackson, A R Rahman, Maestro Ilayaraja, Pat Metheny, John Williams, Ennio and many more. This probably feels like a cliche list? Maybe. I guess, someday I will write a blog about each of these composers and how a particular piece of theirs influenced me in a significant way. 

That's all about me for now. I hope the music does the talking here on.​ Thank you, if you've indulged this far.


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