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Bread, Butter & Rent



Apart from passion, BBR has been a major reason why I dabbled in every aspect of music production. I have practically worked hands-on in every capacity in the creative pipeline - Composing, Arranging, Programming & Production, Orchestration, Audio Editing, Mixing & Mastering.


Though I started off as a hyper-ambitious teen - uncompromising & idealistic; over the years, BBR has helped me become a valuable team player, structured, friendly during payment follow-ups, creatively malleable and a softie.

AS A COMPOSER, I have scored music for Ad Commercials, TV Promos, Dance Dramas, Indie Feature Films,  Documentaries, and so on and so forth.


Two of my bucket-list goals are to compose for action-adventure movies (like Dark Knight, MI-2, etc.) & emotional dramas (like Moondram Pirai, Hey Ram, Babel, etc.)

AS AN ARRANGER/ORCHESTRATOR, I have worked in the film industry in South India. My clients range from top music directors to new talents. I have worked with the likes of Thaman, DSP, Shankar Mahadevan, Anirudh, Harris Jeyaraj, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Darbuka Siva, Pradeep Kumar, Tenma, Kaber Vasuki and many more. I have learnt something unique from each music director I have worked with.

I am sharing below some of my compositions and these tracks have been shared with the consent of my clients who commissioned me to write the music.

Background Scores

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