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Gagan Dhuan Dhuan - My experience (Part 1)

I'm really happy and touched by a lot of responses I got since I released the track yesterday. I was geared up for feedback such as good, bad and ugly; but a lot of the responses were much more than that. Sharing art is like a litmus test to find people you connect with beneath all the words and events; I'm happy that I found many of you in that space. so Thank you :)

If you haven't yet checked out the song, link below.

Working with Bombay Jayashri

We all know what a legendary singer she is; but for me, the best part about Bombay Jayashri is her super cool attitude and I feel that's what makes her unique and special.

To elucidate with just one example - there were some vocal overdubs to be done after the 1st recording. I requested her for one more session, so we can complete them. She came another day and within 5 minutes of recording, I realized that the texture of her voice was mildly different from the 1st recording. That's because the 1st one was done in the morning and the second one was happening in the evening. My OCD took over and I asked her if we can do it another day, morning time, so we can match the timbre exactly. She immediately said okay; no issues whatsoever! Slight timbre changes happen all the time; it's usually not considered to be a big deal; but she graciously allowed me to find it a big deal and didn't complain about the hassle of coming all the way for a recording, just to stop the recording in 5 minutes. She did come another morning and we completed the takes in a jiffy.

I was too lucky to have someone of her stature to be greatly enthusiastic and involved. She owned every bit of it; Sriram was constantly amazed at how much she cooperated and prepared for shots throughout the shoot. Overall, everyone in the project felt blessed to work with her.

I'll put out some BTS clips of the vocal recording in a few days - it was nerve-wracking fun to sing in front of her and teach her the tune.

I'll blog about my experience of working with my dear friends Sriram Raja, Preetika, Mani Chips & others in the subsequent blogs. Don't want to keep the read too long at a time.

If you have anything to share about the song/music video, please feel free to leave your comment below.

Thank you!

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