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B Prasanna - Electronic Press Kit

B Prasanna is a music composer from Chennai, India whose musical influences range from Michael Jackson to Claude Debussy. He relishes writing for live ensembles & orchestras and also loves the art and craft of sound & production. This crossover of sensibilities reflects in his original works. After dabbling around in new media production & tech entrepreneurship early on in his career, B Prasanna took to music seriously in 2016 and started composing for indie feature films, commercials, theatre productions, etc.

He first learnt Mridangam, a south Indian percussion instrument. The "percussiveness" that the training inculcated served as his torch light to explore melody, harmony & other forms of music. His music is churned by the constant tug of war between his love for the old and excitement for the new. 




B Prasanna's new original, Gagan Dhuan Dhuan, a song in Hindi released on the 11th of June, 2022 on his Youtube channel and other major streaming platforms. The song features the Oscar-nominated Bombay Jayashri on vocals and lyrics are penned by Preetika Dixit. The music video is directed by Sriram Raja. 

Gagan Dhuan Dhuan is an ode to the impressionist era. It is custom-made for the enchanting quality of Bombay Jayashri’s voice and range. It flows with her vocal from start to end, sans any interludes or non-sequiturs. The song is an impression of a woman sitting by the window and singing to herself, all alone in her hill-top house. Her voice reflects her nostalgia, while the music feeds off the nature around her.


B Prasanna’s second original was Kannil Mazhai, which had lyrics by Subu and performed by Sid Sriram and Jananie SV. It was released on 14th July, 2018. It featured the FAMES Macedonian Symphony Orchestra along with some stellar musicians from India. The track has gotten over 10M views on Youtube.


B Prasanna’s first single was based on Bharatiyar’s poetry, Kaatru Veliyidai Kannamma. He composed another initerpretation of the lyrics and the track was performed by Pradeep Kumar, Keerthana Vaidyanathan and a host of other singers. The track had an eclectic sound and did fairly well at the time.

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